"Winters Crossing Lindo Negro" 



December 12, 2005


Date of birth: May 19, 2004

Height: 22"at birth; 29" at one year

Birth Color: Black with no visible cross


Sire: Sunset Acres Radio Flyer: 32 3/4 inch; Dark Red (owned by Braying Hills)

Dam: "R" Sausalito; 31 inch; Gray-Dun 


Lindo has 1082 known ancestors!!! His lineage goes back to the original imports as well as Circle C Black Russian, Red Lightening, The Fireman, Circle C Little Motown in his Sire's bloodlines.  M & M Eric the Red, Fisher's Tiny Tim and Valintino 50 to name just a few on his Dam's side. This little guy is a love and wants to be loved on at all times.


We are looking forward to training this little guy at halter, trails, coon jumping and driving. We will keep you posted on this gentleman!


"Braying Hills Brumley"

December 12, 2005


Date of birth: October 18, 2003

Height: 31" at one year

Birth Color: Brown


Sire:  Cookies & Creme, MGF: 32 inch; Black & White Spotted

Dam: Daje Vu, Double N; 33 1/2 inch; Dark Brown & White Spotted 



December 12, 2005


Our Brumley will be doing ground driving this fall and winter. We are planning on using Brumley as our Ambassador Donkey. He will be trained to drive a cart, coon jump and other fun activities! 


Brumley's ancestors include Braying Hills Cookies and Cream, Circle C Black Russian, Philamena 69, Red Lightening, Circle C Ebony, Circle C Little Motown, Valintino 50, Double N Deje Vu, Valintino 14 (Missouri) ... and a throw back to blue!


We would like to thank Max and Dee Keithley of Braying Hills for breeding this gentleman. Brumley has been a joy since the first day we met him. 


He is correct in confirmation and has a nice round butt, nice length of back, straight legs and is bulking up into a nice boy. 


View Boy's Pedigree here!



Here's looking at you Brumley!


Brumley at 2 days old! 






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