Family Photos


Meet Trace Tyler Kraus

My Great Nephew


Trace was born December 30th, 2005 in Carroll, IA at 3:54 pm!

Weighing in at 8.69 lbs. and is 22 inches long.



Trace 1 22 06 a.jpg (75431 bytes)    Trace 1 22 06 b.jpg (52141 bytes)

January 22, 2006


Jamie & Girls

(Shyloh & Shayn - my great-Granddaughters)

wishing Grandpa Bill a 

"Happy 60th Birthday!"

December 30th, 2005


Sway Butterfly Coon

I think the girls like her!


Sway was born Dec. 2nd, 2005!


Lucas & Maya Goecke

(My great nephew and niece)


Maya is a GOOD baby!

Born in November 2005!


1 28 2006.jpg (53927 bytes)    Lucas & Maya haircut.jpg (63703 bytes)

Lucas  and Maya 1/28/2006


Dylan Goecke & Brennon

Dylan is my great nephew! 

These two boys are the best of friends and are quite the two characters!


This picture were taken recently at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, CO!



Hannah and Haley Malloy

(my great nieces)


December 2005



New Twins Born in July to my niece and her family!

Please meet Haley and Hannah!




Chelsea's Wedding!

(my niece)

United in marriage on March 26, 2005!

Presenting Mr. & Mrs. David E. Van Camp


The beautiful Bride!

The special couple now live at Fort Carson, CO where Dave is an Officer in the Air Force and Chelsea is pursuing her education!







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