Just loving and riding can be the best of times with your favorite friend.

Cassidy Ritchie, likes to ride the donkeys if Grandpa Jerry is right beside her for support.  


Driving your Donkey can be great fun and very impressive as you can see by the amazement of this team of onlookers!


Kim Walker and Heart Cross Buster in miniature
driving class at the South Carolina State Fair in
October 2004. Big mule team in the background.


Sharing your Donkeys is great with the elderly and the handicapped. Just ask these ladies!

Ron  & Andrea Thalmann of Horseshoe Ranch in Bismarck, MO took two moms and two babies to visit a nursing home in St. Louis this past October. Andrea say they had as much fun as the donkeys and residents!


Showing your Miniature Donkey can be great fun!


Granddaughter Delanee is practicing her moves with Enrique! 

Delanee and Enrique really enjoyed the State Fair!



Courtesy of Danny & Debbie McMillan of Conroe, Texas


If you need office help, well, you can always hire this gal!



This is Halle Berry owned by Short Assets. Brenda & Lonnie Short of Short Assets in Texas love having extra help in the office. Notice the subject the of chair pillow! Courtesy of Lonnie & Brenda of 

Short Assets in Eddy, Texas.




Miniature Donkeys even impress the largest breeds of Equine!!!

The little guy with the draft horse is My World Dodger with  Charles.  Dodger was at the Va. Draft Horse and Mule Show in August 2004.

Courtesy of Charles & Rose White of  Lower Forty Farm in White Amherst, VA.






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